Friday, September 01, 2006

0-3 Fiddle-Dee-Dee

So, once again, we played and we lost.

Needless to say no one wanted to talk to me last night. The only humor I've found is that last night after the loss and after the yelling...the girls chose to give me my birthday present. Talk about bad was more of a 'here you go coach' while handing me a card. Really is funny when you think about it now. I think they drew straws and whoever lost had to be the one to hand it to me.

So, this morning we've turned over a new leaf. Apparently the nice Coach Simpson has to be tucked away while I pull out Big Meanie. I guess the girls don't care if they lose as long as there aren't consequences. Hopefully they got the idea that there will be terrible consequences for lack of will after this morning's practice. Not only did they have to push through the pain, they had to do it in silence. It was pretty awkward for those who chose to walk through the gym this morning.

Not only did they get a chewing from me, they got a chewing from the Varsity coach. She had me nervous and almost in tears, and I was on her side. I'm also pretty sure that since they were able to stumble off the court that I didn't make them run enough. They should have had to crawl. Although, they were moving pretty slow as they headed to class.

One girl didn't show because, and I quote, "I didn't get to play in the game, so I'm not going to show up to run." Where do you think she's going to sit the rest of the season if that attitude doesn't change? And guess who gets to do exactly what everyone else did today come Tuesday morning.

I'm making enemies! And I like it.


Kenny Simpson said...

Good for you. I know all about being the mean coach. You were still pretty hot sitting on the bench (hot=good looking, not mad). You know she was in class 2nd period, so GO GET HER TIGER!!!

BTW: I think the girls that had to run want to help you get her.

love you

Jamey said...

oh that little girl is going to see the wrath of coach meanie...

Lerra said...

I am scared of Mrs. Coach Simpson.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!