Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fences, cruise ships and sinks.

There I was, working on our fence that our dog keeps getting out of. Avery, Braden and our newest buddy, Chance, were playing 'cruise ship' on the swingset. I had the door open so they could go in and out to the bathroom. (I should have learned my lesson about this from the previous open door post...)

I was pretty smug because everyone was getting along, coming and going; having a great time!

I noticed Braden follow Avery into the bathroom but came out shortly after she did.

No biggie.

Until about 30 minutes later when Avery and Chance ran out telling me water was "running over the edge of the sink!"

Yep. Braden. Water on. Flooded bathroom.

And here I thought my biggest worry of the day would be the blisters that were forming from the fence-mending...

1 comment:

Sunny said...

Oh no, Jamey! That is not a fun mess to clean up.