Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sun Spot Day

I have hit a point in my life where I am super happy. Nothing in particular can be pin pointed, but it's just been nice to enjoy my kids, my husband, and realize that I've got it pretty good!

The kids obviously have their ups and downs with each other and with me, but for the most part they are so great and pleasant to be around. We have been enjoying our time at home together, and I believe I will probably ache when I don't have Avery with me each day when the time comes for her to go to school.
Our family (with the exception of Kenny) enjoys being outdoors. I don't know if it's the smell, the sun, or the pure freedom of it all; regardless, it's one of the kids and my favorite places to be. Of course since it is winter right now, time spent outside is few and far between. So, on sunny days, we pretend it's nice out, and open our blinds as high as they will go. The other day in particular, the sun not only warmed our bodies, but my heart and mind as well.

Picture the rare occasion where the house is clean from hosting small group the night before. Remember that we have three large windows on one wall in our living room. The rays were beaming in, leaving sun spots on the floor. In one sun spot sat Avery, building a little tower with her legos. In another sat Braden, building his tower of legos. And in the final spot, lay the dog, Barlow, basking in the warmth.

There was no chit chat, no arguing, no screaming; just the hint of music playing in the background and the thumping of my proud heart.

Such a pleasant day. I will recall it always as Sun Spot Day.


brooke said...

Wow...the moment your experiencing is a rarity at the Busby house. I'm jealous. Please tell me...how can i get that feeling?

Lerra said...

How sweet!