Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For those who may not know, now that we are in season, Avery comes to volleyball practice with me, and Braden goes to football practice with Kenny. It really has worked out better than I ever imagined, and it's hilarious noticing what each pick up from their experiences each afternoon.

Braden has become quite the aggressive one. He's a boy. He loves his sister. He watches boys tackle each other everyday. Put it all together, and you get the following: (Pardon Avery's nakedness.)

He used to wait until people were ready, but now Braden has started tackling people when they are taken off guard. It really is funny....hilarious actually when they don't expect it. As long as no one gets hurt, and it's usually the older kid who does.


Shelley said...

I love the video! How does Kenny coach and watch Braden? Do you have somebody go with him? Lawson would be out there in the middle of the field getting tackled himself!

Our boys would get along so well. They seem to have so much in common...imagine that?

Love you!

Jamey said...

Shelley, the football team has four managers who are girls that help out with Braden during practice. The day I got out of practice first, I went to pick Braden up and I kept trying to stop him from going on the field from the sidelines. The girls told me that he knew not to go past the white line. Apparently they put in him time out the first few times he tried, and now he knows not to go get run over by the big boys!