Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Taste of Things to Come

To no avail, I tried to capture a picture of Braden digging through the pantry, which would be quite appropriate for this post. Just try to get a mental picture. It's really quite cute, until you have to clean up what he's pulled out.

If you don't close it just right, the door doesn't latch properly and the pantry is free game for food grabbing, chubby, one year old mits.

Most everyone knows Braden is a big boy. He's huge actually, and until I played Wii Sports, I thought my arms were totally in shape from toting him around, but that's a whole other story entirely.

Since he is a big boy, he likes to eat.

Or maybe it's the other way around.

Either way, he can down the grub.

Just this morning he ate one waffle, one bowl of yogurt, some Honeycombs, and one of Avery's (who eats like a bird) untouched french toast sticks. Plus a cup of milk.

I tried to get him out of his chair between each new food. Crying/fussing would ensue, so I left him there. It was only until after the french toast stick that he was appeased.

This happens most every meal. Morning. Noon. And night.

Between meals, if he looks up and someone happens to be holding a plate, he literally says, "mmm", walks over, grins, and proceeds to stand there with a gaping mouth until a fork or spoon is placed inside. It's hilarious.

His protests for food only become annoying when I'm in trying to make supper or clean the kitchen. He thinks any presence in the kitchen means food and that he is entitled to it, making it nearly impossible to accomplish anything in the kitchen within a normal amount of time.

Each time I walk around the corner and see his little arms digging for snacks, my mind fast forwards to when he is 16 and trying to keep his tummy full. Mama Mia! Our grocery bill is going to be out of this world!


Sunny said...

You sound like you definitely have your hands full! The other day I poured a bag of m&m's into a glass dish. All 3 of my kids came running into the kitchen. Is that crazy or what?

I am always having flash forwards of what our grocery bill is going to look like with two teenage boys, too!

Jamey said...

Oh, Sunny! I can't imagine TWO boys!

..And the sound of M&Ms being poured in a bowl for me equals a can of tuna being opened for a cat! Yummy stuff!

Roxy Wishum said...

He is a man after my own heart! Maybe he can repay the grocery bills during his pro football career or as a $4 million coach?

Lerra said...

Total lineman in the making! :-)