Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad Mom?

...Not because of what happens in the video, but because I laughed. Hard. Don't blink; you might miss it.

You can listen to Avery and me talk if you want, but that's not the best part....(it's at the beginning).



Sunny said...

That's so funny!

Kara said...

That's hilarious! I think I heard Braden giggle a little too!

Amy said...

I laughed! That is funny!

Shelley said...

Too funny!! Poor Braden. But he just got back up and started again. : )

I loved the whole thing. I think it is so precious how she is playing church. I remember doing the same thing as a child. I would stand my babydolls on the "pew" in front of me the way my dad or whoever would stand me on the back of the pews at church.

It is neat how children view certain things and want to act them out.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

hahaha! doesn't make you a bad mom at all. I would have laughed more audibly. ;)

Lerra said...

I didn't hear you laugh! I laughed. :-)

I think my favorite part is Avery: "We're done." I should dare Bret Morris to end church like that tomorrow. :-)

Katie said...

I didn't even hear you laugh, but that was hilarious. It didn't phase him at all.
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who wants to run out and purchase book three. The only thing holding me back is that I know I'll be wanting to read it when I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. Ha!