Tuesday, August 05, 2008


While I ran into the kitchen to try to get supper started last night, I heard the following trailing from the living room.

Avery: "No, Braden! No, Braden! No, Braden; NO!"

Braden: "(giggle)"

Avery: "No sir Braden man!"

Braden: "(more giggles)"

Avery: "AWWWWWW! Momma!"

Let me add here that I hear this 'conversation' a lot these days. Braden loves to wait until Avery is settled, then steadily approach her domain, only to mess up her perfectly lined up trinkets.

She gets flustered, picks everything up, plops down three feet away from previous said position, only to repeat the routine several times until perching atop the couch.

So, I ignored her cries for the minute (they weren't that bad), because I was about to head back in to check in on the pair anyway.

When I got back to the living room, I found Avery on top of the couch.

Braden still giggling proudly in the middle of the floor,

and this:

I felt so bad and shile massaging Avery's head. I asked her, "Where did he pull this from?" (Meaning which spot...)

She replied with an emphatic duh, "From my head, Momma!"


Lerra said...

OWWWIE!!! I can't believe he was strong enough to get that much hair! Yikes!!


He got a big handful! Wow! What a strong guy.

Amanda said...

umm... Whoa.

I'm assuming you found the (bald) spot.

Brooke Shands said...

WOW!!!! I gasped! What a strong boy!!

Stacy said...

"No Sir Braden Man"!!! That is SOOO funny!!! Lawson spends a lot of time 'parenting' Jordan too...so funny how they pick up all the phrases we say!!

Lawson will string them together..."Mommy, Im not putting up with this anymore...I've told you 6 times....This is Ro-dick-er-ous!...Now be quiet b/c I'm gonna be on the phone!"

Roxy Wishum said...

"Ouch" indeed! If she did not hit back, she is an outstanding sister.

Jamey said...

Of course I wasn't there to see if she hit back, but if I were a betting person I would say she did not.

She sometimes doesn't like to put up with him, and she shoves his feet and hands away from her at times, but she has never hit him. (At least in my presence.) I've been lucky that she's not a big hitter in general, even with her friends.

Now, things may change once he gets older..

...let's hope not! :)

Sunny said...


It sounds like she dealt with it pretty well! She is SO sweet!

Shelley said...

poor little Avery. That hurts me thinking about it. I understand not running in there though. I here those same little conversations all the time as well. It usually because Lawson is into Easton's toys. He has pulled his hair a time or two but I don't think he has ever gotten that good of a grip. Poor Avery!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

OH NO! thats hilarious. I love the braden man comment!