Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Name Game

Kenny and I have been tossing several baby names around in our minds for a while now, but since we now know the gender, we've kicked it into high gear. Last time when we were deciding, school was in and Kenny got ideas from them; then took polls of the kids' favorite names. Since it's summertime, there aren't as many opportunities for that.

So, I wondered what other people's favorite names were. Some may be saving them as secrets for their own children someday, but I love hearing other ideas and options.

Let the name game begin! Tell me what you like for a little boy!


katskloset said...

Kenneth Edward 2nd?

Just throwing it in there, LOL


Supabloggasuprememama said...

I would love to give you names...but as I am saving some for myself...ya know how that is...but heres one Jamin wont let me use...and you prolly won't like it either...Wyatt. There. laugh. But I love it. sigh.

Roxy Wishum said...


Amanda said...

I'm with Ashley, I'll have to give you one Michael won't let me use but I LOVE: Talon. Great name! Plus, I'm a fan of Jacob.

Jason said...

How about Jackson Cash? :)

Names we liked but decided not to use: Samuel, Luke, William, James. For a long time we were sold on Jacob, but we eventually changed it to Jackson. And early on, we really liked Caden.

Anyway, there's a couple. And believe me, we're not going to need them anymore!!!

jon said...

Zac Attack

Lerra said...

BWA HA HA...Zac Attack. Nice.

I like Wyatt too, but Baron doesn't either, so you can have it. :-)

And I'm not telling my other faves because I'm saving them. :-)

Jamey said...

Here's our running list so far:


The middle name will be James no matter what.

Keep them coming!

Lerra said...

Brady Simpson definitely sounds like a football player!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Amanda?? Talon? like on a bird???

Sunny said...

Jamey - Congrats on the BOY!!!

Your ultrasound pics were so awesome. I know that you guys are so excited and happy.

I really like Caden (I saw your spelling of Kaden). For about the first 18 weeks, our boy name was Caden James. You guys will come up with a great name. I'm sure that Avery is so happy. Was she there with you when you had your ultrasound? Maybe one day soon, we can all meet up in B-ham and spend some time together.

Again, congrats! We are so thrilled for each of you!

WAYorkFamily said...

So I really don't care if you used our favorites since we live all the way across the country, but so far if we had another boy, we like Benjamin and Adam. I really like Henry, but Brandon hates it so oh well.

Amanda said...

Is Talon a bird? Time to google..

Michelle said...

How about Cooper? Congrats I am so excited for yall.

Supabloggasuprememama said...


it'll give you some fun options.

amanda, i meant, a bird has talons. the claw of a bird of prey. oh and aparently there are lots of nintendo characters with that name. I just looked it up because I actually got that name on name genie! I had never heard of it before!!!