Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Paintdrops + Lollipops

I think deep down everyone has the desire to manage their own time, not be stuck inside a dreary (or even a not-so-dreary) office on a pretty day, or be available to go to their child's game or field trip without worrying about taking time off. Don't get me wrong. I am glad I experienced four years of working in the real world, and even better that I got to work in the field of advertising (which I spent my college years studying toward).

But...I've tasted freedom now that I'm home with Avery...and I don't want to go back...Ever.

The phrase, "you could sell that" resounds in my ears everytime I design, create, sew, or re-finish something. The wise words of my all-knowing mother. She's been the drive behind me most of my life, even after I gained the other best friend in my life who has the special knack to make me realize I can almost always go beyond the limits I set for myself.

So, with my mom and Kenny in the wings, I've decided to go for it.

And it's helped that I've met a friend, Ashley, with whom I have so much in common, and as an added bonus, has even more talents that help balance me out in areas where I'm lacking.

In other words, Ashley and I have created Paintdrops & Lollipops. A place for fabulous finds for women, baby and home. We've been planning and working for a while now and we're learning that there is going to be much more to come. The best part is that we're terribly excited for the opportunity to use our creative talents to establish a successful business.

Paintdrops + Lollipops will offer products ranging from children's furniture, totes, jewelry, original art, invitations for all occasions, birth announcements, to handmade pillows for tots, teens and home.

Our website is in the making, with a tentative launch date for mid February. We also plan to travel for on-site shows in Montgomery and surrounding cities.

So, for now we request prayers for peace of mind, patience and success. In the meantime, please help us spread the word!

Below is a preview of some of our featured items. Check out Ashley's site for more fabulous finds!


jon said...

cool stuff.

just remember to keep track of all your expenses so you can deduct them on your tax return on a Schedule C. Once (not if) this takes off you may want to look into incorporating the business, LLC or S-corp.

Supabloggasuprememama said... crack me up. you are so business minded! jamey is too, though, and thats what we for sure need!
Love your stuff Jamey. thanks fo da shout out, yo.

Jamey said...

I wondered about the LLC stuff. Kenny's mom's business is LLC. I understand a few things (and am learning there are a lot more than a few things to know). Any advice is welcome! ;) we go!

bamashark said...

congrats ladies! I know you guys are excited and we're all looking forward to seeing this thing really grow!

Lerra said...

Y'all are so creative! This is the first time I've seen any of your stuff, and it's so cute! Y'all will do so well.

And if you form an LLC & need any insurance, come see me. :-)

jon said...

LLC protects your personal assets from any claims against the business, the same with an S-Corp but with and S-Corp you can pay yourselves a "reasonable" salary and then any money you withdraw from the company is tax-free :)

Jamey said...

Okay, so we've got an accountant, and an insurance adjuster. Now we need a lawyer! :)

jon said...

douglas hargett

Jamey said...

yep..and there are about three here. Seems like we're set!

Jon-got to talk to Stacy yesterday. It was good to catch up on how things are going. Sorry the kids have been under the weather. Hope she had a good birthday!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

chad is totally a lawyer. He'll do it for free. he already represents me in all my fights with jamin. what??

all this llc stuff is making my head swim. feeling overwhelmed yet?

I think we should copyright our name and logo, too. and little boy blue's lamb.

Sunny said...

I am so happy for you and Ashley. You both are so creative and talented and I am anxious to see your success. I can't wait to shop online!

jon said...

are you building the furniture

Jamey said...

Not building. Wish my dad were here so we could do that.

Lerra said...

Whoa, whoa...wait a minute. I'm not an adjuster by any means. I can get you some insurance & that's about it. I would be everyone's enemy if I were an adjuster. No offense to any who may be reading. :-)

Jamey said...

sorry insurance lingo is lacking.